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Water is a pressing issue in current times. The increase in the urban population, limiting natural resources and improper water management has increased the need for effective & efficient water treatment strategies. This conference is specially designed to bring together an interdisciplinary team of researchers to share their expertise and research experience on recent trends in water treatment and management. The idea is to bring together like minded agencies and stakeholders including research organizations, universities, NGOs and SMEs from India and abroad to share their expertise in low-cost water treatment, wastewater treatment, recycle and reuse. Conference includes invited lectures by eminent resource persons from reputed University and Institutions, poster presentations, paper presentations, and interactive sessions. The faculties from different colleges, research scholars, students and scientists will be given opportunity to demonstrate their own works and get valuable suggestions from experts. The conference aims to create an integrated learning environment and encourage academicians, researchers and students to develop various competencies and enhance their self–efficacy in different techniques for affordable and feasible water treatment options.

Solar Scheffler Disc
Solar Powered High Recovery Device
Multi-Effect Distillation
Sewage Treatment Plant, PDEU
Floating Raft
Oxidation Pond

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