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Thrust Area

  • Novel water treatment options for sustainable solutions to clean water scarcity

  • Water desalination

  • Wastewater treatment and management

Sub Themes to be addressed in this conference include, but not limited to the following:

  • Membrane and thermal desalination technologies

  • Electrochemical systems in water treatment

  • Renewable energy-based water treatment technologies and Low-cost solutions

  • Novel hybrid systems and module design

  • Emerging desalination technologies

  • Novel materials for water treatment

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning application in water

  • Pre-treatment and post-treatment processes

  • Membrane fouling and control

  • Brine/concentrate management

  • Resources recovery from brine

  • Water recycling and reuse

  • Wastewater treatment using immobilized microorganism technology

  • Sustainability and water management

  • Cost effective methods for removal of heavy metals

  • Phytoremediation technologies for contamination of organic pollutants

  • Bioremediation of contaminated water or wastewater

  • Constructed wetlands for dealing with emerging problem of polluted water

  • Ex-situ/ In-situ phytoremediation for treatment of polluted water

  • Energy and sustainability, economic evaluation, case studies

  • Water policies, governance and planning

  • Water, food, energy nexus towards circular economy

  • Future trends in water security

  • Energy needs for the water sector

  • Green technologies for sustainable water resources

  • Water and energy in context of industry 4.0

  • Decarbonization and future energy systems

  • Energy-saving technologies

  • Nanotechnology applications in water

  • Biomimetics/Nature-based solutions

  • Sustainable development goals implementation

1-2 March 2025, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India


  International Conference on
Advances in Water Treatment and Management


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